Cimolai Rimond Middle East may be the newest kid on the block but in reality, it leverages a strong, decades-old Italian heritage with proven expertise across the complete architectural, engineering and construction eco-system. Together the joint venture partners, operating from its regional base in Abu Dhabi’s ‘City of Lights’, offer complete 360-degree turnkey construction based on the latest advances in BIM and integrated project delivery solutions.

Both partners are associated with some of the most challenging and stand-out projects of the 21st century across a full breadth of market segments including, hospitality, healthcare, education, exhibition centre and pavilions, transportation and marine infrastructure. Both are also well attuned to the Middle East. Cimolai was involved in the delivery of Doha’s landmark Aspire Tower and the giant maintenance hangar at Hamad International Airport, while Rimond, which operated an office independently in the UAE, was responsible for the building design management, building information modelling and construction management of the showpiece UAE Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015. The company has since handled the complete dismantling of the pavilion and the logistics behind its relocation to Masdar City where it will become the clean energy pioneer’s visitor/welcome centre.

Cimolai Rimond Middle East’s rich vein of expertise helps clients capture more value from every phase of their work by mitigating risks, providing consistency and getting things built and managed. It is transforming fragmented, traditional project management processes yielding outcomes much below project expectations, to a collaborative, value-based Integrated Project Development (IPD) process with bespoke BIM technology tools delivering high-outcome results.

Architectural and Engineering Services

Infrastructure Development & Masterplanning
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Structural & MEP Design & Coordination
Feasibility Studies
Parametric Design
Design to Production
3D Laser Modeling

Consulting Services

Project Management
Construction Management and Supervision
Procurement & Supply Chain Management
Advanced Contract Management
Building Design Management
BIM & Cloud Design Management

General Construction Services

Steel Construction
Infrastructure, Bridges and Transportation
District Cooling Plants
Telecommunications and Data Centers
Stadiums and Expo Pavilions
Health Care Facilities and Sealed Environments
3D Printing in Partnership w/WASP
Offshore Platforms

Logistics and Supply

Steel Manufacturing
Steel Supply
Logistics Management
3-Dimensional Printing


Cimolai Rimond leverages its shareholders’ joint heritage of being a trustworthy partner for investors, realtors and communities, guaranteeing the highest standards of construction while significantly reducing costs. Through its global experience, the company has developed and refined the skills needed to understand and respect local cultures and adapt its expertise and the latest know-how to each endeavour. We collaborate with the world’s most renowned architects and designers and develop projects where every single aspect is defined by ambition, quality and clockwork operational precision which has delivered 100% customer satisfaction.

Our expertise has produced some of the world’s most significant statement structures from London’s Garden Bridge to the signature Bridge of Peace in Georgia and New York’s Bayonne Bridge. From the national stadiums in Warsaw and Brazil to Qatar’s futuristic Al Bayt Stadium and the headline expansion of the Stade Roland Garros in France. From New York’s World Trade Centre Transportation Hub to the New International Terminal at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport.

When the United Arab Emirates wants to put on a show, it does it in distinctive style. For Milan Expo 2015 the country’s National Media Council turned to celebrated architects Foster+Partners for a 5,000 sqm pavilion that could be dismantled for later re-installation in the Emirates. The imaginative concept was designed to accommodate both the Italian and UAE climates, to achieve LEED Platinum/and Abu Dhabi’s Estidama 4 Pearl specifications and to meet the legal authority approvals, including building codes of both countries. Rimond was the construction contractor and the main contractor during the dismantling and relocation of the pavilion to Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City.



Rimond is a multi-faceted construction innovator whose expertise spans architectural design, general contracting, engineering and project/construction management. It specialises in leveraging technology in innovative ways to deliver unprecedented architectural, engineering and construction performance. It’s the name behind the design of Italy’s third largest hospital, the design, including virtual reality design of Italia Telecoms headquarters which it also built. It also engineered and managed Italia Telecoms’ largest data centre and engineered its telecommunication towers.
Its diverse expertise is also at the fore with the project management, BIM design and management for the building of the new terminal at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport.
  • The Cloud, Rome

    Rome’s new convention centre’s main auditorium is known as ‘The Cloud’ because of the complex geometry of its voluminous textile envelope and surrounding glass box. The textile cloud encapsulates the wooden, dual-curved structure housing the auditorium designed by Fuksas Architects. The inadequate engineering expertise of subcontractors to construct the design intent was delaying the project and impacting costs. Rimond intervened with the fit-out contractor to manage and design the geometry of the 7,200 unique panels making up the double-curved envelope. The panels were analysed, optimised, managed and ultimately fabricated using an advanced Rimond-designed BIM workflow.

  • San Luca Hospital, Milan

    This Milanese medical complex wanted to expand by adding a 10,000 sqm emergency department, laboratories and cardiology therapy with seven floors above ground and four underground. The existing building’s architecture and structure, heritage constraints and space optimisation for therapy areas were the primary challenges. Rimond addressed the complexity of the project of a modern medical structure with BIM tools managing an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) solution.

  • KIP International School Pavilion, Expo Milan 2015

    This structure, the western gateway to Milan Expo 2015, was designed by Rimond and Tony Marincola to promote the values of the United Nations Millennium Platform. Using 3D modelling, it recreated a village, with four simple shaped volumes inspired by the architecture of the world’s rural areas looking out over a central square. The rustic traditions were embodied in the use of natural and sustainable materials, such as the buildings’ wooden façade panels and clay for garden benches. The pavilion was realised through the use of technological innovations in 3D printing of architectural elements carried out in collaboration with the Winsun Company, a world pioneer and leader in 3D architectural construction.


technology for
structural steel

Cimolai is Italy’s steel leader with three quarters of a century of market domination. Manufacturer turned highly specialised fabricator and engineering powerhouse, the company now operates around the world, its name and advanced 3D visualisation and BIM technology prowess defining a range of complex structures from sports stadiums, bridges, defence and oil and gas facilities.
Among its ever-expanding project portfolio are some of the globe’s most acclaimed structures.
  • Rolling gates for new Panama Canal locks

    The Panama Canal Authority’s desire for a third traffic lane to double the canal’s capacity involved widening the channel and adding a third set of locks to sit both on the Pacific and Atlantic sides. The locks would require 16 giant rolling gates and the authority turned to Chimolai for their construction. The scale of the task can be judged by the size of the structures ranging from the smallest, which stands 22 metres tall and weighs 2,300 tons, to the biggest, which stands 33 metres high – that’s equivalent to an 11 storey building – and weighs 3,400 tons. The gates were manufactured in Italy and delivered to Panama in staggered shipments on a Post Panamax vessel.

  • The Bridge of Peace, Tbilisi, Georgia

    This 115 metre pedestrian bridge across the Mtkvari River was designed by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi. It’s seen as a monument to dialogue between past and present. The unique, all-steel structure, later to have glazed roofing, was built in Italy with 200 trucks transporting it to Tbilisi for assembly. It’s regarded as a masterpiece of architecture and engineering with the steel-glass structure being suspended from its roof and its sinuous shape now being visible from the whole city. The main central arch crosses the river and holds two lateral arches that straddle the road.

  • New Fiumicino Airport Terminal, Rome

    This design and construction contract involved the installation of 50,000 cubic metres of concrete, 19,000 tons of metal structures, 60,000 sqm of flooring, 50,000 sqm of ceilings and partition walls, 30,000 sqm of façade cladding, 32,000 sqm of roofing, hundreds of miles of electric cables, thousands of lighting fixtures as well as a complete baggage sorting and conveying system with an average daily capacity of 30,000 pieces.

In 2007 the Polish government sanctioned the building of a new national stadium that would be the showpiece of its 2012 joint hosting of the UEFA Euro Cup and a fitting home for the national football team. It entrusted design of this statement of national pride to a German-Austrian-Polish architectural consortium who presented a conceptual design for a 58,145 seat, structural steel framed stadium that would be supported by a network of radial and tension cables which in turn supported a retractable membrane pitch roof. The statement-setting mega-structure, the first of its kind in Europe and Poland’s largest association football arena, would be built on the site of an old stadium and its construction would be one of the world’s most technologically advanced operations.
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